Our Core Services

4 Kids 2 Kids offers a safe, home-like environment for their residents.

4 Kids 2 Kids program offers trauma specific treatment to survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and for those who are at risk. Since its inception, our program has served in helping victims restore their lives. Survivors of CSEC have experienced complex emotional, physical, and sexual trauma requiring specific treatment interventions. Survivors of CSEC experience emotional, behavioral, and mental health symptoms that often go unidentified or misdiagnosed. Without proper support and treatment the risk for being re-victimized is high. Through our program survivors receive treatment and support to address safety needs, gain understanding of the victimization they have experienced, improve self-esteem, develop motivation for change, improve life skills, and empower them to reach future goals.

Program components include:


Process Groups

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Individual therapy sessions & Process groups

In House Licensed Psychiatrist and Nurse on Staff, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Trauma Therapy, Art Therapy.

In Depth view in to helping our clients not only heal but better prepare them for life.

Through Assessment and diagnosis:

  • Administration of the TSCC, APS, SASSI, and CSSRS

  • Trauma-specific therapy for survivors and their families

  • Therapeutic behavior management program

  • Psycho-educational groups, such as anger management, social skills, stress management, communication skills and daily living skills

  • Weekly priorities and goals review through individual treatment plan

  • Independent living and job skills training

  • Substance abuse education

  • Substance abuse treatment (Matrix Model)

  • Medical treatment

  • Protection in partnership with police and FBI

  • Community based support and partnerships with the private sector to provide valuable workforce development skills to the girls

  • Animal assisted therapy

  • Equine therapy

  • Music and arts therapy

fitness, stress reduction, healthy choices

Physically active kids tend to be more physically fit, have stronger bones and muscles, and feel better about themselves -- they have reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. They also have a lower risk of developing heart disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, regular physical activity helps kids of all ages with weight control. In fact, when it comes to a healthy weight, being physically active is just as important for kids as eating right. Regular physical activity helps control the percentage of body fat in children and teens. Studies have shown that overweight and obese kids can reduce their body fat by participating in 30 to 60 minutes of moderately intense physical activity, three to five days a week, learning how to cope with everyday stress using proper coping skills which lead to better choices.

Healthy eating during adolescence is important as body changes during this time affect an individual's nutritional and dietary needs. Teens are becoming more independent and making many food decisions on their own. Many teens have a growth spurt and an increase in appetite and need healthy foods to meet their growth needs. Teens tend to eat more meals away from home than younger children. They are also heavily influenced by their peers. In keeping with our mind, body, and spirit platform we have on staff a chef who prepares meals that are nutrition based for the demographic we serve.

Surf Lessons every week!

Surf Lessons every week!

Yoga & Fitness are an important part of our program.

Yoga & Fitness are an important part of our program.

12 Step & addiction counseling

4 Kids 2 Kids addresses the challenges youth face in growing up alcohol and drug free. Youth learn they are not alone. We address co-occurring, mental health and trauma. Centerstone provides detox services to teens struggling with addiction and require medical supervision to safe and comfortable detox. While participating in services, residents receive a medical exam and lab work. Individual, group and family programming focuses on education that targets the addiction process, stages of change, motivation to change, identification of relapse triggers, family dynamics and continued sobriety. Sober fun and leisure are part of recovery. We specializes in co-occurring mental health and trauma care.