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4Kids 2Kids provides safe homes for child sex trafficking survivors, where they can heal, keep hope alive and work through their traumas of abuse, abandonment and neglect.   


4Kids 2 Kids offers a therapeutic and child-friendly environment where survivors gain strength to help themselves and mentor others.   This is achieved through individual, group, animal and activity-based therapy and life skill development through mentorships. 

4 Kids 2 Kids is a non-profit agency dealing with victims ages 12-18 years old who have been sexually abused, commercially sexually exploited, or have a history of drug abuse, a history of chronic runaway behavior, or a history of low level criminal behavior.

We provide a safe, therapeutic environment where the clients are taught to believe in themselves and learn to be self-empowered. Trauma informed Individual Psychotherapy with an emphasis on evidenced based treatment for complex post-traumatic stress disorder, specifically Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for emotional regulation, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Groups, Stress Reduction, Healthy Sexuality, Life Skills, Psycho-Education, 12-Step, Emotional Intelligence, Physical Fitness, Process Groups, Self-Care, and other services along with general schooling, that will help the minor/non-minor dependents receive their GED or High School Diploma.

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